First market date, your zone and what will you have to sell?

andreaz6wv(6b)April 28, 2010


Our market starts May 7th. Ours is a city run market and some of don't like the hours, others do. It's Tuesdays and Fridays 10-2. Not a good time if working during the day like lots fo people do, but it's a newer market (3rd year) and things are still getting worked out.

I'm Zone 6 and will have lettuces, kale, onions, herbs, vegetable plants/seedlings, radishes, and strawberries.


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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Our first market actually started April 24th. I didn't go. I had my daughters birthday. My first market I will attend is on May 8th. I will have spinach, green onions, jams and jellies, radishes, tomato, pepper, cucumber and squash seedlings. I will also have my tomato hanging baskets.

That is enough for now.

Jay Zone 5

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My official first day of market is May 1st, but we had a mini-market on April 3 (rained all market) and 24th (better, but no advertising). I have tomato, pepper and eggplant plants. Our strawberries are setting on, and the rest of the produce isn't ready yet. Asparagus is just starting, and rhubarb would be ready if I had some. I may check a neighbor's patch.

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We have been doing monthly markets all winter and the last one of those was 2 weeks ago. the main/weekly market season starts May 1st for us

We will have asparagus (green and purple), rhubarb, heirloom lettuce, baby lettuce mix, spring mix, arugula, mizuna, tat soi, mustard greens, broccoli raab, kale, radishes, popcorn, catnip, cilantro, tarragon, a few overwintered parsnips, some overwintered leeks and may some fruit and vegetable seedlings.

I expect to bring in a 100 pounds of asparagus and around 40 pounds of lettuce

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Wow, that is a lot of asparagus and lettuce. I'm curious as to how many pounds to expect from my 700 asparagus plants planted last year. I never harvest until the second year even tho' they are of really good size. We already have an established bed for ourselves. I've been very pleased with the Purple Passion and this Millenium variety from Canada.

I will also be growing parsnips for the first time this year and planned on a winter harvest. Do they get woody harvested in the spring or were yours picked earlier and stored?? I also grow leeks but have never overwintered them. Do you plant shallots in the fall as well? This sounds very interesting.



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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)

Our summer market started April 17th. We also have a one Saturday a month, through the winter. See link below for my list of plants and photos

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegetables

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garliclady(z7 NC)

We have market year round. Right now I have spring garlic and onions, Radishes, spinach , collards, kale, asian greens, spring salad mix, asparagus,italian chiory, arugula, cilantro,dill, lettuce, turnips,
Dried herb blends& dips, dog biscuits
Soon we will have sugar snaps, garlic scapes, beets
zone 7

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