hi, i have a few questions about heirloom marketing

mentheslover(6athru7ainmycounty)April 17, 2008

hi, i'm a long time gardener and i've finally decided to try a little market gardening. anyway, i want to offer basics, beans squash zuccini cucumber and tomatoes, however i am also into organic and want to offer a few organic heirloom tomatoes. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a similar situation, and if so, is there any demand? thanx

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It takes a few weeks to catch on but people will actullay begin to request them. Try slicing a few and put them out for tasting with a salt shaker. I done real well last year selling them for 2 dollars a pound. I sold about 150 lbs of heirlooms a week.

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thanx for the input, i'm in tn also, so hopefully the demand will be here to,

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