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ordairygirl(6a eastern OR)April 13, 2012

There seems to be a wide range of market fees in my local markets. Just wondering what the fee structure looks like at different markets across the U.S. Also, what percentage of your profit do you figure this fee takes of your total sales?

One local market charges a $50 application fee and $25 per market day. Another charges a $45 yearly stall fee plus 6% of sales. Stall sizes are 10 x 10 and nothing is provided (like tables, canopies, etc.).

Since its my first year I don't know if these fees will seem large or insignificant compared to my sales. I'd like to do $250 a market day...but that sure is a lot of product!

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Ours is $100 per season for a vehicle spot or $75 for a non vehicle spot which means you have to move your truck before the market starts. Our season is mid May ot mid October. I really don't know where the fee money all goes since we advertise very little.

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Around here, fees run any where from free to $300 per season (26 weeks) per vehicle space. Not every market allows your vehicle to stay. I call a vehicle space the same as a parking spot, but 10' wide.

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New (1st year) market 12 weeks $95, other nearby market 15 weeks (2nd year) $200 (last year was $150) for 15 weeks - both are run by nonprofits as fundraisers.

Market I sold at last year (town-sponsored) was $125 (for 25 market days in 20 weeks), think it's still the same this year (application didn't change - not even dates so I have a question in), might be 1 less market day due to 4th of July holiday.

Other larger established markets are not accepting new vendors (or weren't last year, I have to check this year) but were more expensive.

BTW, what do you think of the market rule that vendors be there to set up 2 hours in advance and stay the entire time (3 hours, for a total of 5 hours plus pack-up time)? New market has that rule, it starts after school is out so I can bring the kids (or get my mom to babysit) but I've got a couple- maybe 3 weeks at the end of the season when school starts that might be tough - this market is just down the street a few miles from DD's school so I was hoping to pick her up a little early (30 min?) on market day and run down to set up but 2 hours before???

Maybe if I go to that market, by the end of the season the market master will know me and won't mind if I'm "late" those last few days, even if I'm still setting out produce at market start, as long as I've got my tent and table up? Or she'll allow me to come the 2 hours early and then leave for 15 minutes before market starts to get DD as long as I'm back before opening (I'm sure I can ask another vendor to watch my space, or keep my produce in the truck and just set up my tent and table 2 hours in advance, might *still* be setting out produce at opening bell).

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I don't think you or anyone needs 2 hrs to set up, 1 hr should be enough, plus 1/2-1 hr to tear down/pack up time. A lot of markets don't allow late arrivals or early dismissals due to vehicles moving within the market areas, for safety measures. As far as leaving for a few minutes, shouldn't be a problem. I was always adding produce throughout the market.


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we pay $15/month plus 3% of sales. first time applicants pay a one time fee of $25.
during the regular season (4/1 through 10/31)we can sell on saturdays and wednesdays. during the winter market the market doesn't open on Wednesdays.

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Last year I paid $350 annual fee and $7 a week per space.

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dirtdigging101(7 - NC)

Our market built a permanent pavilion like structure an high fees went much higher. Was 25 dollars on wed. and 40 on sat.
Seasonal rates offer some savings now it is 40 and 60 respectively and a lot of very good vendors have dropped out. Now the word is out that almost every one is out and going to a market 8 miles away. I will not be at eather this year

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Our markets charged 6% for fees, and collected 6% state sales tax.

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magz88(5a - Central Ontario)

We pay a $25 annual fee and then $15 per week. You can also pay a lump sum amount for the season for stall fees which is a little less expensive.

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