Maple pots\planters..

kevip711(8a)June 9, 2009

Does anyone know where to get those low profile maple planter bowls for cheap.. the ones I have seen cost 200-300 a piece and dont want to spend that much.. I love the low profile potted containers and really want a few but cant afford the ones I have seen online.. let me know if anyone knows of some cheaper ones.. it can be faux material as long as it looks good.. thanks..

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I'll be curious to see if anyone has any ideas. I would love to find some too. I've gone to making low profile cedar boxes and tufa pots because I can't find any. I don't really like them as well, the tufa is heavy and dries out too fast and the cedar only lasts about 3 years. What we need to stumble upon is a container like that used for a different purpose, or else take a ceramic's class.

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Oh if anyone can donate me a potters wheel I could make one.. I was an expert in high school in using the wheel and won best of show every year.. that was 20 yrs ago though but sure its like riding a bike.. ;)

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