butterfly, coral bark, inabe shidare-- what to plant under them?

vicsterJune 17, 2008

We have a semi-circular planting area on the west side of our backyard that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Planted from left to right are a butterfly (about 10 feet tall), a coral bark (about 12 feet tall) and an inabe shidare (about 5 feet tall). We had groundcover that my husband decided he didn't like and so now it's just bare dirt. Any suggestions on what to plant underneath the maples, if anything? We live in the southern SF Bay Area by Stanford University if that's helpful.

We also have some beach ball size stones that we can put there but I'm having trouble figuring out an arrangement for them. I thought I read somewhere that the stones should be placed naturally and in 3's or 5's? Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm in TN, so I really don't know what grows best there, but I planted some Japanese Holly under my JM and it looks good. They have very small dark-green leaves that are evergreen, and they stay very low. Another one I like is Juniper 'Blue Rug', and my personal faviorite is variagated Vinca minor. Slow-growing vine with white-rimed leaves and lavender flowers in the spring. Only gets a few inches high. If you want something VERY low, try Irish moss 'Aurea'. Its not really a moss, but looks like it. Lime green, and gets tiny white flowers the size of a pin head in the summer. Looks good with rocks!



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