red dragon and ayogai-- plant anything between them?

vicsterJune 17, 2008

We have an ayogai (the green bark equivalent of the coral bark) and a red dragon next to each other in the south-facing front yard on the east side. The plants get morning shade and then afternoon sun. There's ground cover on either side (Santa Barbara daisies) but the ground cover that was between the plants died off and there's just bare dirt now. Should we plant anything in between? Looks kind of funny the way it is now. I was thinking of putting a beach ball size stone in between but my husband thinks that will look silly. Any thoughts? We live in the south SF Bay Area near Stanford University if that makes a difference on plant recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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Rocks need to be grouped. I've posted some pics from my garden. I live in TN, but maybe it will give you some ideas. Garden Pics



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Yeah, a rock or one of them sculpture balls. A rock would be cheaper. What the ball has going for it is you can choose the color. You've got red leaves and green/yellow leaves on these 2 cultivars if my memory is, a blue ball or whatever color you like.
If you want some plant show between the trees, try some bulbs that like sun in winter and shade in summer like your scilla peruvianus or similar bulbs. Very easy and showy in Spring while your maples leaf out. Not much in Summer though.
Hellebores grow good in the Bay Area; small carex ornamental grasses might look good; just a few ideas.

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