Will I get different types of Japanese Maples from seeds?

bettylu_zone6aJune 4, 2010

I have a Japanese Maple that is at least 30+ years old (I have no idea what kind, it came with my house) that is medium green, sort of star shaped leaves (not fine/deeply cut) and the tree is about 20' high by 30' wide.

This year it has a bumper crop of babies and I was noticing that there are differences in the colors of the leaves on some of them. If I were to allow some seedlings to grow, would they keep their current coloration or is it a temporary thing? (some have red and gold colors along with the green) Is there any chance of getting a "cool" new variety from any of these babies? They are all the same shaped leaf as the parent plant.



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AAAAAA!!! Mutants! kill'em!...kill'em now while you still have the chance!!!

There is a chance that you will get the newest, hottest in JM horticulture. There's also a chance of winning the lottery, getting struck by lightening at the exact time and day of every leap year etc.

All silliness aside, let them grow up a year or two, if they keep the coloration, GREAT! Dig them up and transplant them, give them away, sell them to space aliens. If they revert to the same color, BUMMER DUDE! Dig them up and transplant them, give them away, give them to space aliens.

Happy Daze!

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JM seedlings are as variable from the parent as your children are from you. No telling what you will discover. Pick out the ones that you like best and put them in pots. In a few years you'll know if you have something desirable.

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Well, I'm sure the space aliens can find bigger, better JM's than mine! LOL

I didn't know that the seedlings could be so different, especially since the only other maples on the property are a Norway and Silver Maple - and I don't suppose they cross polinate, but It certainly won't cost me anything to give it a whirl! I'll just pot up a bunch (in 3-4" pots?) and see what I get.

If I win the "lottery" of JM's, I'll be sure to share it with you, Spaceman (wink, wink)!


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Holding hands chest high, palm facing palm, I touch fingertip to fingertip and exclaim "Eeexcelent" (a little Simpsons reference, as in C. Montgomery Burns)

Thanks BettyLu, I'll hold you to that! LOL


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Your JMs will not cross-polinate with Norway or Silver maples - they're in a different genetic family. Most JMs grown in gardens have a heritage that includes the cross-pollination of plants with different characteristics (leaf color, leaf shape, bark texture, etc.), so when they produce seeds of their own you can get almost anything.

Here's a thread about JM seedlings:


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