help to find the right dissecting, or laceleaf

clancy87(8)June 10, 2014

Hi all im trying to find the perfect laceleaf or dissectums to plant in the raised bed round my patio. Im looking for ones that have a strong vibrant colour. Ive already got a viridis, green laceleaf, orangola, and a crimson princess but wannt to keep them in pots. So is there anything better to top them varieties of dissetums. P.s im not looking for laceleaf

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P.s im not looking for laceleaf

So now I'm confused.......:-) Are you looking for a laceleaf/dissectum or not?? And not sure what you mean by 'perfect' - that can mean a lot of different things to different folks. If you DO want another laceleaf, the choices are only red or green (or a blending of those two) for mid-season growth with a somewhat greater range of fall color.

So come back with more specifics and you'll get more specific responses!!

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Ooops sorry. I've just moved house and not set pc up yet so using my phone. I meant I dont want any cut leaf. And what I meant by perfect is are there any other cultivars that stand out from the rest in the dissectum or lace leaf varieties. For example with the Beni maikos I have its a really bright red and pink and it sticks out from the rest of my JMs because of that. Also I want to try find ones that have a maximum growth and spread of about 1.5 metres. Hope this helps a hit lol. Even just by giving cultivar names would be great and I will do the homework.

Thanks for the help


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shaina, ukigomo, mikawa yatsubusa,......still unsure about desired leaf type but these are unique...

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OK - just to clarify: dissectums ARE laceleafs. 'Beni Maiko' is not a dissectum/laceleaf - it is in the palmatum group, which means the lobes are moderately to deeply divided but not dissected, like 'Viridis' or 'Crimson Queen'. Since I am still confused about what you are looking for, I am offering the following link for you to peruse. I like it because it covers a lot of popular cultivars with photos and it breaks them down into groups. For your purposes, you could check out both the laceleafs and the dwarfs (which should stay in the 6-8' range).

I hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese maple link

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Sorry gardengal. Im rubbish at describing things. as you have proberly guessed im a newbie to Jms and hold my head in shame that I didnt click laceleaf and dissectum are the same thing. But ive learned somthing new haha.

Many thanks for the link its exactly what I needed. Where im based in scotland, the garden centres always just sell your most common Jms that everyone has. But me I want the most unique ones that will instantly draw your eyes too them.

Again thankyou for your help

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Just a little update to how I got on thanks to your help.

I got a pixie and Wilson's pink dwarf for my pots. Then got a baby lace, red filigree lace, ruby lace, chantilly lace, ever red, garnet, hana matoi, tamukeyama, seiryu and a inaba shidare.

Again many thanks for your help

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Clearly your garden center carries a far greater variety of JM's than mine does :) I have to do mail order.
Good luck!

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Haha we have nowere near that variety in our garden centres. A friend gave me a reliable source to use. So like yourself I will have to mail order to get what I want

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Clancy,as far as I know there aren't any dissectums that have that knock out colour that some of the regular leafed types have,however 'Hana Matoi' is probably as good as it gets for a departure from the regular red or green....I've got one on order too.
Sounds like you've found a good source,there's a couple of hard to get maples it UK based?

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Yeah Im based in Scotland. My boss put me in touch with a guy in England. I just received my first batch. An inaba shidare and a Beni maiko just to see what he was like. I was very impressed. Both were immaculate and look amazing. There only about a foot and a half tall but I love watching them grow anyways. If your wanting his details for getting these sort of maples ill happily pass them on

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Sounds like you've caught the bug like the rest of us Clancy.I like Beni Maiko and all the spring red types,they really are as bright as any fruit blossoms in spring and last a lot longer.With a garden only 12ft wide and 60 cultivars I really can't fit any more in...ha ha who am I trying to kid,I've just ordered 4 more,also small...don't know where I'll squeeze them in but they are rare in UK(that's my excuse),I have to be really selective now or get rid of some :(
There is still one maple I've been after for ages so if you don't mind passing on that info,either here or by PM I'd be very grateful......worth a try!
Enjoy your new maples Clancy...and remember,there's not many things that can give increasing enjoyment,hopefully for the rest of your life:)

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