Lion Head Maple next to paver walkway ok?

gsf1010(6a)June 12, 2011


Would the roots of a Japanese Lion Head Maple be able to lift pavers from a paver walkway? I hope to plant the tree 2-3 ft from the walkway.


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It's not going to bother the pavers but it will eventually bother those who use the pavers :-) It will take a while, but the tree will get wider than a planting site 2-3' away from the pavers will comfortably accommodate.

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Thank you gardengal48 for your reply. I hope to contain the tree size by trimming every couple of years. Thanks again.

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It is always a better idea to select a plant that is appropriate to the planting site with regards to size, rather than attempt to keep it smaller with frequent pruning, especially with Japanese maples. Right plant, right place.

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