Jap.maple ID please [with photos]

saga555(6a)June 13, 2013

Hello all :)
I have what I believe is a Japanese maple in my yard and I'd very much appreciate any help in identifying the variety, if that is possible! A little bit of info: the tree came with the house we bought, I believe it has been here for several decades. it is roughly 20-25 feet tall. it consists of two main trunks all the way from the ground (if that means anything). The leaves change color from medium red in May, to wine/purplish-red in June, then slowly turn reddish-green to full green during the summer, and back to red in fall months. The tree produces little red flowers in May, sheds them and quickly turns to forming seed (already happening;some already falling off) all until late summer/early fall, when it sheds them in thousands over a couple of weeks time.

Here's a compilation of pictures in different months and some close ups of leaf and seed. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!

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That's a nice tree! I think it can be 'Osakazuki'.


Here is a link that might be useful: Osakazuki gallery

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Not 'Osakazuki' - the only red it displays is with its fall color but then it does so in spades.

To be honest, getting an accurate ID is usually an exercise in futility. With nearly a thousand registered cultivars, some sharing extremely similar characteristics, correctly identifying most JM's is something best left to experts. And even these don't always agree :-)) Truly, it is only those that have very specific attributes that can be reasonably identified with any kind of assurity.

Barring any unique characteristics and lack of confirmation of a graft, I'd suspect this was just a seed grown or generic species Japanese maple. Not that these are any less desireable than the named forms :-) Most are lovely trees.

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