japanese maple

pedro18June 6, 2007

i have a small red japanese maple (about 2ft high) the ends of the leaves are turning brown,can anyone tell me what is the cause and tretment/prevention. it is in a large pot in shady part of garden

thank you

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nobreyner(z9 Houston)

Is it getting enough water? Too much sun? Depending on where you are and your zone the leaves just turn brown on the tips.

I've been growing maples for about three years now and the leaves burn up then are replaced by the second set of leaves every year so far.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Leaf tip burn is common and can be caused by several reasons ...since you say it's in the shady part of the garden we will rule out sun but alot depends on where ya live that could still play a part but I doubt it depending on what you mean by "shady"... Most likely too much water or fertilizer or both ..This problem tends to be more cosmetic than symptamatic of disease .. but overwatering can cause root rot and other problems that are more serious . Keep an eye on it DO NOT further fertilize and water only when dry ...if leafs completly crisp pull them off and as NO said it should put on new ones. I personally think humidity plays a part in all of this but have no proof to back me up and no study on humidity and it's effects on JM's is available to my knowledge but I am very suspicious it has an effect on leaf burn problems in general mostly since it seems it is worse in the more humid areas but then you do not say where ya live..David

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hi myerphcf
Thank you for your reply,i live in south yorkshire
i try to keep the peat moist and the only fertilizer i have used was in the peat i potted the maple in.

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