deformed leaves, sick red maple?

zap_zangJune 16, 2007

For the last couple of years, a youngish red maple in my yard has looked dispirited and wilty - but the leaves don't yellow or fall off.

I looked closely and notice that the leaves are all malformed - the central lobe of the leaf is full sized, but the ones on either side are stunted somewhat - and then the outermost lobes are almost totally absent. This causes the leaf overall to cup downward and droop.

The branches may also be somewhat droopy, it's hard to say. There seem to be greasy looking spots on the trunk as well, although I am not sure if this is related or not.

The tree is shaded by a large elm, is in pretty blah soil with high dog traffic - but so are the other 3 maples back there which are doing fine.

Any advice or diagnosis?


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If I had to guess (which I wouldn't bet a dime on it without being there to see it with my own two eyes), I'd say some type of fungus or pathogen is causing this. Whether or not it is in just the leaves, soil, and/or stems I can't say. Your best bet is to take a cutting to a good local nursery and have them take a look. We might be able to give a better diagnosis with pictures, but it is really difficult to tell without having the real thing in front of you.

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