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blakekr(Zone 5B, NY State)April 20, 2012

I live in a small town in upstate NY. Let's say this small town is famous for "garlic tarts." We have many roadside stands that pop up for a six week season selling "garlic tarts." We get lots of tourism this way and about 100% of our branding comes from our association with garlic tarts.

Short on cash, our local government has suddenly decided that every garlic tart stand needs to buy a permit. They've also thrown in a laundry basket of rules and regs, ranging from the trivial ("business letterhead") to the discouraging ("Show proof of D/B/A" -- Aunt Lottie really didn't want to get a D/B/A to sell her garlic tarts after all) to the simply crushing (worker's compensation and liability).

Supporters of this inventive piece of code say that New York State requires all these things anyway of people who sell "garlic tarts" at roadside stands. Anyone know where one would find more info on this?

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magz88(5a - Central Ontario)

What's a garlic tart?

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Most governments have those type of rules, and of course, they want to make money off of anyone that might be making some money. Not everyone reports that money to the IRS, plus the county/state wants theirs.

I don't know what a garlic tart is either, plus educate us. I like garlic. If it's a recipe, please share if you will.


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