Might see some 20's over the weekend.

timmy1(6a ri)April 26, 2012

Not to much sleep for us in the trade...

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magz88(5a - Central Ontario)

I already folded up the 55% plastic and I refuse to take it out again. I am just covering what we have with an extra layer of Agribon.

Hopefully this will be the last weekend for it.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

It was 17 degrees cooler here today in Kansas, but that is still 11 degrees above normal. It was 97 degrees on Wednesday and only 80 today. High tunnels have been wide open for the last 5 days. I hope this isn't a trend for this summer.

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Yep, freeze warning here for tonight and though forecast says 34/32 for Sat night and Sun night, I'm just going to cover all my sprouts (peas) and transplants (strawberries) with burlap. Unfortunately the blueberries and strawberries that are already blossoming are on their own - too many and too spread out to cover (well, maybe I can cover the strawberries but they were already exposed to cold 2 nights ago).

Bought 6 2-gal blueberry bushes at plant sale a week ago, I don't know if we should plant them this w/e or just bring them into the garage along with the bare-root brambles we bought?

I'd start some spinach and chard on Monday but it's supposed to be 72 on Thurs! Crazy weather - I don't know whether to start hardening off my tomatoes next week and plant in mid-May, or wait til traditional Mem Day for transplants and try to get more cool-weather stuff out now that I didn't last month b/c it was too warm!

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We had a freeze/hard freeze warning for last night. Still nothing outside except very hardy plants. We are below normal today and have been most of this week. Normally we can plant tomatoes 5/1, but have had years that had frosts on 5/15. Only safe after that for us.

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