Japanese Maple - Turned Brown

michellebaysJune 16, 2008

I have a Japanese Maple that is in a container. It seemed to be doing fine (leaves were green) until yesterday when I looked at it. About two weeks ago I moved it from one side of my patio to the other. It would definitely get more sun in the new side. All of the leaves turned brown and dry. I saw in other postings to the forum that this may likely be because it got too much sun. Is there a way for me to revive my tree? Please help.

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Is the pot black? Black pots tend to heat the roots too much. A container in a container could help with mulch, etc packed between them and moving back into the shade will help. Now is not the time to repot or fertilize it or could cause further stress. Keep it watered and in a few weeks the leaves will probably drop but should recover either later this summer or next spring.

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It's not in a black pot...it's a plastic fake red ceramic looking pot. Since it's in a container do you recommend taking it inside?

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No need to take it inside, just into more shade. A little morning sun at most.

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How do the stems look? If they are still firm and alive looking when you move it into more shade as mattnova mentioned, they might resprout. At any rate, I have had that happen and as long as the stems/buds look healthy, they sprouted back out enough that by the next year, the tree looked fine.

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