new farm blog...

gizzardfarm(7A)April 13, 2008

Just starting.. let me know what ya'll think

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Good job.

Your seedlings aren't getting enough light so they're leggy. If you have grow lights you should drop them to one or two inches above the tallest seedling.

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thinman(Z5 MI)

It looks like you have a great little spot there in Tennessee. Of course, anything that green is really going to look good to me right now. I still have a couple of patches of snow visible here in northern Michigan.

Seriously, it looks beautiful, and your blog is off to a nice start. I was wondering why you had your garden plowed instead of rototilled this year?


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Thanks Robin..Those puney seedlings were started inside and were my first ones..since that time i have gotten power to my outbuilding and built a five shelf grow stand with a 4 ft light above each shelf and in just a few weeks they look great. The bottom ones were in april then the next ones up are the same plants 3 weeks later.Ill post some new ones next week.
ThinMan thanks about every 5 or 6 years i plow it deep, disk it and then till it. Im not sure of the science but it helps control weeds and keeps from getting a hard dirt pan from the tiller as the plow goes 6 inches deeper than the tiller. I also use this time to incorparate lime,potash and triple 13 fert. it also helps work in the 20 loads of leaves and horse manure. Gizzard

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