October Glory Maples leaves dying

kykimJune 7, 2013

Last Fall we planted Red Sunset Maples and alternated with October Maples, 7 each. The leaves on all the October maples are turning brown curling and look like they are drying up. Plenty of rain, no bugs or fungus can be found.
The Red Maples on each side are doing great so far. The landscapers, nursery are all clueless....Does anyone have ANY suggestions? Thank you.

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How about a close up of the leaves?

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

My theory is the October Glories were dug at a different time or have different soil composition so they are not retaining water as well.

Pretty much all I believe you can do is make sure the rootballs are getting moisture. Big transplants BTW. Were they planted at the right heights?

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Attached a picture of leaves close up for nurseryman33.

toronado3800-never even thought of the different soil type and digging times. Yes, they are right heights.

The University of Kentucky suggested I have "Anthracnose Disease". Too much water. But, this has not effected the Red Sunset Maples.....

THANK YOU for responding. My searches are not finding the problem/solution....

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Another close up.

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It does look like anthracnose, but why not on the Red Sunsets? I don't know. Maybe it is a more resistant cultivar.

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Picture of maples down driveway. Every other October maple is dropping leaves. I'm told not to worry that the leaves will come back and the trees will be fine.....

Thank you nurseryman33 for a second opinion agreeing that this looks like anthracnose. I've never heard of anthracnose, so this is new to me. Seems this would be a difficult disease to diagnose.

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Nice driveway. If it is anthracnose, you might want to burn those infected leaves that are falling off, because the fungi overwinters on them.

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Nurseryman33 thank you for the advice, "Burn Leaves!" I will certainly take your advice. Started gathering all the information on anthracnose the do's and don'ts and how to identify and remove. I am still puzzled that this hasn't affected the Red Sunset Maples.....I'll keep all posted and hoping that no one else has to deal with this. I appreciate all the advice!

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

If they do die, I'd highly recommend planting a more diversified grouping of genus and species. There are ways to do this and still maintain that formality that you are going for.

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