Mystery maple, Please help!

mattymaple(6)June 4, 2013


I bought this at Lowes last night. Has anyone seen a bloodgood with this color pattern?

Thank You,

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First, it is NOT a 'Bloodgood' - leaves on that cultivar are a solid dark purple-red.

I've consulted with my specialty grower and neither of us know of a named form with that distinct a variegation. I would be very interested to see if it holds through the season or fades out to a more even green.

It is quite possible this is a seedling JM if purchased with no label. Can you see any sign of a graft? If a seedling tree and if that distinct striping is maintained all season (no fading) then it is selection worthy of propagation.

I think you might have a bit of a find there! Nice!!

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2nd pic.

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3rd pic.

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Thank you so much for the follow up gardengal48. I hope you can check out the follow up pictures. It looks grafted, but the top of the tree definitely has the bloodgood color.

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The blotchy green and purple straight lines going diagonally across the lobes, especially in the first picture, makes me think those leaves could have been shaded from sunlight for an extended period of time. There is a variety called "Shirazz" that actually does this, but only different colors.

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