Please help! How can I save my 7' Fireglow??

BluRdgMtnsJune 11, 2014

I really hope someone can help me. I purchased a 7' japanese maple Fireglow last week that I've been searching and searching for and I finally transplanted it from the 25 gallon pot to the ground today..this is where it gets heartbreaking (at least for me). A cell of strong thunderstorms near by decided to take a turn and head my way with wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour periodically, a downpour that wouldn't quit and my poor tree as I watched it take a beating as the lightning wouldn't quit long enough to let me do anything to save it. Finally I was able to safely go out and assess the damage an hour ago. The root ball was well out of ground, I lifted the tree and saw a pool of muddy rain water that kept rising no matter what I did. The root ball seemed half washed away at the bottom....I did the best I could with what I had to work with, I filled the pot back up with dirt and compost, I put the tree back in the 25 gallon bucket and I sat in silence while I thought about this $200 tree dying the same day I planted it in the ground. I know that japanese maples are super sensitive and any physical shock could be the death of it, but PLEASE if anyone has any advice or any positive outlook on this tree possibly living, please share your thoughts. I need guidance here. At this point I'm pretty pessimistic and upset, so, is there a way that I can save this tree or am I at a loss here?


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its not dead yet....maybe a little shaken up.... I assume you got it replanted asap......that's really all you can just leave it alone.... I'd guess 90% chance it'll be ok....

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You would be surprised how much abuse these trees can take. One day of semi-trauma is likely not enough to do it in......I'd keep an optimistic viewpoint, too :-)

One thing that does cause me concern is the water pooling in the planting hole. While JM's can take some tough stuff, poor drainage is NOT one of them and I'd be concerned that drainage may be compromised in that particular location. I'd be inclined to rethink the planting site to a higher area or at the very least, plant the tree with the rootball at least partially above grade and mound the soil up to it.

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mmajicmann, I placed the tree back in the pot it came in as soon as the storms ended. I gathered all of the dirt and compost I could to make up for all of the soil that got washed away from the root ball (which was half a root ball when I got to it) moved it in the shade today under some trees. I need to stake it up straight. The wind got the best of the trees original shape.

Gardengal48, thank you for the optimism! I believe the water issue was simply due to it being freshly planted a few hours before and the wind was strong and constant enough to lift it out of the freshly dug hole to let the water run in and soak everything. The rain was absolutely ridiculous. Thank you for your response!

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