Best forum to discuss Country Plant Farm?

ACCOLADY(7)April 19, 2005


I looked over the list of forums and thought perhaps

this would be the most appropriate forum to discuss the following.

Please let me know if there exists one that is more

suited to my post.

We live in the country on ten acres. Over the years

I've turned it into a plant farm of sorts and sell many

plants and plant related matter over the internet on various avenues.

This is the first year we will be open

to the public, with an upcoming plant sale.

The purpose of my post. Hubby has created a great frame

for a sign I found at an auction. What was once a

nursing home sign is now my plant farm sign. The problem

I am having is what to put on it.

We don't specialize in one thing, but rather have

multiple things. Having a sign with too much text

would be a distraction to the traffic, much like

someone trying to read a small book while driving,

but I want to advertise multiple items, each quite

popular in it's own glory.

Should I simply paint the name of our farm on top,

follwed underneath by perhaps our hours of operation

and phone number, then out to the side I could have a

vertical frame which would hold the various plates

with items on them, changing with the availability?

For example (and not the items we sell, of course...

just to humor myself)


Open Mon-Fri 8:00 - 5:00

(800) 123-4567

Out to the side, a sign with individual signs

hanging with S hooks:






As the items change, I could remove the signs.

Does this sound like a good idea?

If not, could someone please suggest what one with

many things to sell might do?

I appreciate your input. :-)

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I'm going to do what you've described with our farm's sign. Wild mushrooms, Cheese & Wine would make me stop.

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I think you're on the right track but my only concerns would be #1 how complex is the name of your farm? and #2 how fast is the traffic on the road where the sign will be placed? In other words, will people be able to read it? Is the farm name descriptive enough already and is it short and sweet so that at highway speeds folks will understand what sort of business you are running? Keep the lettering clean and crisp (no fancy frills to keep readability high) and I would definitely do the side bar changeable signs to state what is for sale at that moment.

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Hello Robin and John,

Robin, those aren't our actual items to sell, but
cheese and wine sound good, yes? Add chocolate and
you've got a traffic stopper, LOL.

John, I agree about the complexity of the farm name.
I don't want to post it here as I enjoy using this
forum and do not wish to break the rules, but here
is a made-up name which is, other than the products,
just like ours will be:

Peanut & Flower Gardens

Unless it would be better to simply post the name,
hours and phone number only, then rely on the side
signs for detail?

The traffic speed, while it is SUPPOSED to be 35, ranges
from 45-55 illegally because no one patrols out here.
We even have a speed limit sign well within view from
way down the road. The thing is, those who live further
up the road have to go up a hill, so they drive as fast
as they can so they can get an extra push up the hill.
Idiots, I know, but they do it. We're also located smack
in the middle of one of the few straight-a-ways on this
winding road. As you round the corner, our sign is right
in view, you can't miss it, a good distance down the road,
so it catches your attention way back and you have that
much time to read it, as well as keep an eye on the road.

I have a few temporary signs out in the road, and many
have slowed or stopped to read them all, as there is
not a consistent flow of traffic. In other words, it would
be slightly unusual for a car to be directly behind
someone as they slowed to read. Sadly, there is no parking
or place to park until you drive past our gardens and home.

Thanks for the support on the side bar idea. I really
need that one, as our supply changes throughout the
season. One month it may be local honey, the next it
could be tomatoes. Then come green chilies, etc.
I am even dabbling in garden art, so we'll see how that
goes, too.

Re: lettering for the sign, I found the perfect font
which is quite legible but still
decorative without being one of those obnoxious fonts
you can't quite make out until you study it. :-)

Thanks for your input, I truly appreciate it!

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garden1227(z7b NC)

I have heard that your letters should be 1 inch for every 10 miles per hour.
So, if the speed limit is 40 mph, then your lettering should be 4 inches high.

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Thank you for your post. That sounds pretty good
to me, and considering my letters are 5" tall, it
seems we're doing great!

Many thanks!

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amy_york(5 ohio)

somehow my mind is pounding for an idea to have your sign let people know the side bar items aren't all you have-just what's available/in season now ewwww "IN SEASON NOW" might be a good header for the side bar signs. I still want your drivebys to wonder what's coming so they recheck it and not just assume that's your only products....hmmmmm. well maybe i'll get a brilliant when I'm not thinking of it (you know how that is) meanwhile I'm gonna start noticing signs...Amy mac

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