Better than a nematode

MadPlanter1 zone 5July 5, 2014

Hope you all had a great Independence Day!

In the spirit of the Guacamole Rat, here's my hosta guardian nestled in Dorset Blue. He's probably wondering what happened to the neighborhood as his pile of 30+ potted hostas have slowly been moving to homes in the garden. Down to only 5 now.

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That it so cute! Send him over to my house, I have more pots waiting to be planted than I care to admit! :) What a great shot!

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Love that picture!

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Clever title. Made me chuckle when i saw the picture.

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Ah, such a fine big Toad of ToadHall. I leave some clay pots turned upside down with a slight gap for easy toad entry. I am blessed this spring with what appears to be a gazillion small toads the size of the tree frogs but dark toad colored. And of course the bigger dudes too. It is so neat to hear them of an evening, and they announce an approaching rain event too.

Last year when I heard the pot hiss at me and ran, I now believe it to be a toad objecting to my punching the plant marker down into the pot. They like to get into pots, as you picture so nicely illustrates.

From last year, a picture of the tiny green frogs which hang out with the hosta. Absolutely, better than nematodes. :)

S&S with resident froggie

anole on Tokudama Flavocircinalis -- classic lizard pose

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Love that to mine...provide shallow clay drip saucers with water to cool themselves with and respire and a broken clay pot for refuge...found a small one hopping around, trying to avoid the lawn mower! Yikes, that was close...poor fellow.

Great pics of wonderful creatures.

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

These little guys are real cuties! We have neither frogs nor toads that I know of. Trade ya for a rat? lol.

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Lucky Mocc, you have your own lizards in your garden. Nice green anole you have there. I'd love to find lizards in my garden, but so far, none of the Italian Wall lizards living on the nearby campus of a college have come to move in. That campus is home to red tailed hawks, Italian Wall lizards, numerous pigeons and squirrels. I wonder what other wildlife lives on campus sometimes. I could do with more lizards and LESS squirrels.

Poor little Holy Mouse might actually have died from its second squirrel dig-up. I hope to see some new leaves put up.

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Very cute Leafwatcher. I do not have not toads of the non-nema variety in my yard. I will try Moccasin's idea of upside-down pots. But we have streams and ponds in my immediate neighborhood and it may be hard to lure the toads away. Will upside-down pots turn into a slug hotel?

Moccasin, we had lots of anoles and the tiny green frogs in Louisiana, too. They are pretty, aren't they? And their skin feels like silly putty. Our outdoor cat hunted them, but it didn't seem to curb the population much, so I didn't fret.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Mocc, I love the little anoles, so cute! Wish they could survive here. We do get little tree frogs, but they seem to prefer sitting in day lily flowers. I haven't seen them this year - last year's drought may have cut back the population.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Peek-a- boo

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Better then "Bambi" any day!


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I stayed away from this thread because I feared contamination !

And now I see its hoppin full of frog and toad pics.... What a surprise. I am afraid my mean new neighbors have been making crunchy frogs out of the local tree frogs... eeerrrrrrrrr, or I mean


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