Is it normal for callous tissue to look brown on plant cuttings?

Timoth26June 1, 2014

Is it normal for callous tissue to look brown on plant cuttings?

Just two days ago I took a 8 inch greenwood cutting from a Sugar Maple Tree and now am trying to root it in a cup of sand inside a white plastic wal-mart bag tied at the top.

I cut the clipping off the tree just under the section that meets last years growth. I trimmed off the two lower leaves and soaked the cutting overnight in a cup of water and 1 tsp of KLN Rooting Concentrate. Yesterday I planted the cutting in a cup of carpenters sand and soak and made sure two leaf nodes are in the sand. I trimmed two of the leaves in half and least two on top intact for they were a little smaller then the others. I put the cutting the bag and sprayed it with a spray bottle and tied the bag and left in a shady spot on my patio.

I pulled the cutting out of the cup to see if it's callousing yet. I already has some brown tissue at the end and it's turning a little dark and the other leaf node which I to think might be callous tissue to. I put it back and now going to leave it be and see what happens. So is it normal for callous tissue to brown on plant cuttings? Is this how tell if the cutting is callousing? It says on the bottle of the KLN Rooting Concentrate that callous will start to form in 7 10 days with roots soon to fallow. Please let me know. Thanks.

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So how's it doing?

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