Pruning a maple that has mites - when and what precautions

Timmytoo(4b)June 15, 2013


- Zone 4b (Minneapolis, MN)

I have a beautiful Korean Maple that has mites. It also has lower branches just 3 feet above the ground. The yard is very shady and I am trying to give the grass more sun. It is also near a border of shrubs that are trying to grow away from it. I would like to remove about two rows of lower branches. those btranches also have a very high level of mite signs on the leaves.

I am wondering if I should be doing something after pruning vis-a-vis treating the mites or sealing of the cuts.

Any advice appreciayed

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How do you know it has mites? Do you mean gall mites? If so, these are seldom much more than a cosmetic problem and I would not be overly concerned.

As to the pruning issues, a photo would certainly help. Usually, limbing up or removing the lower branches is not a big issue depnding on the age of the tree and if it is done gradually, usually just the lowest set at any given time. Hopefully these branches are still relatively small in diameter - waiting until they are too large (greater than about 1.5") can cause excessive stress.

No sealing of cuts. And again, photos would help to see exactly what we are dealing with but if you see evidence of the gall mites, it is too late to treat for this season .

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