greenhouse and a well

jm1234May 16, 2013

latter this fall I would like to put up another 24x96 foot greenhouse. but I would like to put this over my well (in the corner) so I can have water available.

are there any dangers in this we farm organic. so there are no chemicals to leach down.

what are your thoughts?

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not sure what kind of well you have but mine needs repairs to the pump (twice in 20+ years) sometimes and i think a greenhouse over it would be in the way.

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Randy is right with the need for repairs. They have to pull the pump or points on a shallow well they need complete 360 degree availability. In a greenhouse the whole frame would to be moved about ten feet around the well. I would believe the easiest was to go would be to simply dig down to outlet of well and connect a new line to the greenhouse and possibly to each greenhouse at that time

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