Should I cover berries again tonight?

2ajsmamaMay 14, 2013

I don't think it got as cold last night as they predicted - I didn't get up til 6am, but it was 38 then and I don't believe temp rose 6 degrees in 1 hour as soon as the sun came up (sensor is in the shade) and there was no frost on the ground. it's 8:30 and 53* now. I uncovered the blueberries that were blossoming (had covered with buckets, tubs and insulated curtains) when I went out with DD 45 minutes ago but left the old sheets around the cages on the other blueberries, the burlap over the brambles, and the tarps over the strawberry hoops (in the shade). Heading out to take the tarps and burlap off now.

But since the strawberries are blossoming, should I leave the straw/hay on them for today (high might get to 60) and maybe pull the tarps back over the hoops tonight (low again 37 or so)? After tonight lows should be in the 40's and then 50's so we'll be home free.

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we only got to 52 this morning, not quite as low as they were forecasting.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to cover one more night. I know they told me to get the straw off before blooming.

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I did have the straw off but had to cover again last night - lesser of 2 evils I guess since you can't let the flowers get frostbitten. Things looked good this morning. A little condensation on the underside of the EZ walls (on the west end of the bed where sun hit first). Maybe leave the tarps off but the straw/hay on tonight?

OT but wondering if it's OK to seed lettuce and chard today (haven't checked soil temp but still pretty cool) or wait until tomorrow?

Soil won't be warm enough for beans/edamame for a couple of weeks yet - that's provided it stays in the 70s/50s for high/low from now on.

Market starts in a month and I'm afraid I won't have anything (except hopefully some berries) since I haven't been able to get anything planted!

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I'd say yes to the lettuce, don't know about chard. If it's hardy, then yes. You usually plant the hardy stuff a couple of weeks before frost.

Our larger market almost always starts before we can have much. It start May 1st.

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