Past planting time?

profsuzy(z6 PA)June 19, 2013

I came across a lovely Coral Bark maple a day or two ago and tagged it to pick up this weekend. I'm having second thoughts now about the timing. I've heard that spring and fall are the best times to plant trees. Will I be making a mistake planting this 7' tall tree now? It will be planted in the perfect spot - morning light, dappled indirect light most of the day. Thanks for any advice.

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go for it!

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go for it! it's the hot afternoon summer sun that'll getcha...and those actually like sun :)

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Not the most ideal time but certainly doable. Just make sure the tree gets plenty of water. That will reduce the probability of transplant shock.

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I agree - go for it. If it was dug with a ball of dirt early this spring and it is alive now, then it has already survived its original transplant shock. It would probably rather be in the ground now than sitting on a tree lot. If it is in a container then it has already survived the potting process. Just be careful in the hot weather - container plants can dry out very fast until they get some roots growing into your soil.

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profsuzy(z6 PA)

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I will, indeed, "go for it" - taking special care to keep the young tree watered during the hot summer months ahead. Fingers crossed, it will thrive.

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Lots of water my friend. The sun will do the rest. Good luck.

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