Source for Plastic Bags for Produce

erin2009May 10, 2009

I have been trying to get plastic bags to put my produce in, but I'm not really sure what kind to get. The first thing that comes to my mind is the kind they have at grocery stores that are fairly thin and on a roll. Would these work? Also, if you know of a preferred place to get them that would be great.

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I found this website which also caters to farmer market types. Large quantities and thus pricy for the small scale grower, but a great selection.

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Do you have a Sams Club nearby? I buy my bags (they're called T-shirt bags) at Sams. Today I checked the price in my Sams, the price was less than $12.00 for 1,000. I don't use the roll bags, because they don't have handles and the customers find it easier to use bags with handles, especially if they are buying alot.

You can buy rolls of bags from Monte Packaging.

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They are called "5 A-Day" bags (t-shirt bags are grocery bags that one puts their purchases in but not what you would pack say lettuce or spring mix into)

I also get my rolls of 5-A-Day bags fro Monte Pkg. they are pricy (about $40 a roll) but a case of 2 rolls lasts me about a full season (I bag a lot of greens in a year. There used to be a place in Dayton Ohio called Mendelson's that on occasion would have rolls of 5-a-day bags for $5 each but they no longer seem to carry them. Ah those were thee days-plastic bags at 95% off

I do not buy T-shirt bags ever-I have my customers bring me their clean used plastic grocery bags and we reuse them. this saves us a bit of $$ and more importantly reduces the amount of virgin plastic we use (by a lot as we can got through several hundred bags at a market). Our customers love recycling with us. If you are certified organic you cannot do this as this is against the regulations-the USDA NOP requires new plastic.

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