yellowing tomato plants

pitterpat_2009May 14, 2010

My tomato plants are turing a light green almost yellowing what

are you all watering your starts with after 5 to 6 weeks

in the small pots I think they are needing a boost to get thru a couple more weeks. Jay your plants look wonderful

from your market garden posted pictures,

Any suggestions appreciated...Thanks Pit Pat

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i think they need a nutrient boost. are they planted in potting soil?

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I haven't had that problem. I transplant mine into 4" and larger pots and start watering with fertilizer water. All of my fertilizer water is 1/2 strength or weaker. I water them whenever they look wilty. I would rather water more often with weaker fertilizer than to fertilize 1x-2x per season. Mine keep very dark green leaves.

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Yes a mix of 3 parts compost 3part peat 1 part vermiculite
half cup lime to mellow the peat and 2 cups base mix of
blood meal, bonemeal, greensand.
I think they have exhausted the nutrients as it has been
so windy I have had to water much more then normal and have
depleted the mix. I will try a foilar feed of liquid fish and kelp to see if this helps.
Thanks, PP

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Foliar feed helps a bit, but not much in my opinion. I would use a higher concentration of fish/kelp and water the plants well with it. Do it once a week until you get them in the ground. Don't worry about over-feeding, they are tomatoes!
Also, make sure you're not watering bone dry soil or you'll lose all the liquid to the floor.

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