Fresh figs

lemon306(Z8B La.)May 26, 2004

Anyone market fresh figs at their farmer's market? Can I just keep them in an ice chest with ice packs? I've seen them in zip lock bags that appear to be frozen. Anyone freeze them fresh off the tree? Any help would be appreciated.

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lushoasis(z8B/Coastal GA)

Last year I sold fresh figs at our farmer's market but only the ones I picked one or two days prior to the market. Or else they start to mold. I put mine in flat tupperware boxes-no more than two layers deep-and kept them in a cooler with ice. I would fill a small bowl on the table to show them (a fly net umbrella would be a good idea) and then bag them as I sold them.

Are there other markets and stands selling fresh figs in your area. I found that only one other market was carrying them and charging 50 cent each. My figs were smaller, brown turkeys, so I sold them out at 3 for a dollar.


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maplea(coast BC)

Can anyone tell me when to pick my figs? I don't want to pick them when they are not ripe enough, but if I wait too long, they are too soft and crack open? What stage do I pick them at? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I personally don't like figs so don't actually taste them to see if they are ripe, but I have a huge tree with 100s of figs on, that I might as well sell.

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lemon306(Z8B La.)

I think the prevailing wisdom is that a fig is ripe when it droops on its stem. I actually like to pick a little earlier than that. I "feel" the fig and if I feel a little softness I will pick it even though it might not be drooping yet. This is especially true now when we are having so much rain that may cause the fig to "open" and sour quickly when truly ripe.

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maplea(coast BC)

thanks lemon
I'll have to check those figs. Just to confirm, they should be a little soft, like when an avocado is ready to eat? and do they come off the stem easily when they are ripe, like apples? thanks lemon


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lemon306(Z8B La.)

Hi maplea---Yes they should be a little soft and if really ripe they come off quite easily. When I pick it usually takes a slight tug as I pick before they droop on the stem. I've picked 30 gallons so far this season and the birds have probably enjoyed as many! I'll have to make new friends just to be able to give some away!

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