blanching endive

imtoobusy(z6b)May 31, 2005

Has anyone blanched curly endive? The information I have says to cover it with a plate---doesn't seem like they would stay on, the wind would take them. Also I don't want to use real plates and I would think that paper plates could encourage dampness and rot.

What would work on a larger scale?

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Actually, when they say "plates", they do mean "real" plates - paper plates would just blow away. Another method I've seen - I think it might have been on a Victory Garden show - was covering the endive row with a wide, clean, non-pressurized wood, board. Of course, I would also think you'd have to check under it daily to make sure your crop wasn't being consumed by slugs & other uglies.

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All the ones that I am trying to blanch (by tying together) are bolting. The ones that wouldn't stay tied aren't bolting...hmmmmm.

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OMG- I think I haven't been growing endive but have been supplying fertile habitat for every worm and pill bug in the Tri-state area!! Broke open one of those things and it was CRAWLING! I am going to be trying some other things with the second batch that is coming up--wow, what a mess!

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