Squirrel damage

greenlydiaJune 23, 2006

I posted a question about squirrel damage and was told they were probably stripping the bark for nests. Ok, I'm more than willing to share a bit of bark for the babies, but now I have lost 4 good size brances! I'm not sure what is causing the branches to break, my first hint that anything is wrong is when I notice all the dead leaves and then within a few days, the branch is just hanging there, broken. I probably wouldn't mind so much if this wasn't a really special maple tree...long story short, it's been in our family for over 50 years, migrating with my parents from Winnipeg, Canada where a cutting was taken from my sisters grave and has, over the years, left it's progeny at many homes. If this tree is going to die, could someone PLEASE tell me how to propagate it? When I got my "tree" it was a 5 foot tall stick that everyone laughed at. It's now a 60 foot beauty that is slowly being destroyed by Chip n Dale! Sorry for the rant, but every day when I go out there and rake up pounds and pounds of new strippings, I get heartsick. I don't have THAT many squirrels and just how big do thier nests have to be for crying out loud? They are also peeling my neighbors cedar tree to shreds! Somebody please help! Thanks


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myersphcf(z6a IL)

You can try cuttings and rooting hormone but may not be successful ...you do not say what type of tree it is ...being a maple forum I guess maple but is it a japanese or other I suppose from the 60 ft size it is NOT a jm ...Anyway if you want a duplicate it will probably require grafting ... This can be done several periods throughout the year but is most successful in late winter ...If you go this route, keep an eye on undamaged branches and mark 'em then you'll need to tkae about a 4-6" viable smallish end branches with 3-4 viable buds ...I wouldn't do the actual grafting yourself ..I would see if someone here would be willing to graft it for you ...you would have to keep the scions in moist paper towels ( water and fungecide solution)in your fridge away from vegistables) and overnight 'em to whoever wants to do this for you ...or you can contact your local nurseries and or extension service and see if someone local will do it for you...remember if it is squirrels... this will not solve your problem...just give 'em more food ... you may have to wait til squirrel season to end this madness ;>) David

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Oh MY David..........this sounds like a project for Mr. Science, not me! How come when I was given my cutting, it was, as I described, just a 5'tall stick? Really, it just looked like a stick......no buds, no little bitty branches, no roots,nothing! I stuck it in the ground and it grew. I don't know what type of maple it is. I need to get a good book about trees and try to identify it, but it is NOT small and just looks like your garden variety maple to me. The bark the squirrels are peeling off is rather "greenish" if that possibly gives you any hint as to the type. Hey...if I were to send you a leaf and possible some bark, could YOU identify this for me? Are the squirrels eating something from the bark? If they are just stripping this for nesting material, they sure do waste a lot of it! I mean, I could have built a good size tee-pee just from the stuff I have already raked up and there seems to be no end in sight......there is a new pile everyday! And I'm going broke buying peanuts for the little pigs AND the blue jays who are just about as wiley as the squirrels! Once again I am crying out "HELP!" (and thanks!)

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