Pricing Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers

laslovescatsMay 24, 2008

This is my second year selling produce at the local farmers market. I don't have a certified scale so I have to price per item. Could anyone tell me what you charge each for the following vegetables:

1. Heirloom Tomatoes

2. Cherry Tomatoes Per Pint

3. Long European & Asian Cucumbers

4. Red, Yellow, Orange & Green Bell Peppers

5. Summer Squash & Zucchini

6. Long Asian Style Eggplants

Thanks so much. This forum has been so helpful.


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I price all my big tomatoes at $3.50 a quart box or a dollar each (some people just want one mater). I will likely raise the price 50â this year.

Pints of cherry tomatoes I sold for $3 last year. I will likely raise the price 50â this year

the long cukes I got a $1 to $1.50 last year and they were not great sellers compared to Diva cukes that sold out consistently at $1.50 ea

Ripe bell peppers I will charge $1.50 ea this year

Eggplant I sold by the pound

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

This is my findings. I sell at three markets in Kansas.

1) Heirloom Tomatoes- any where from $1- 2 a pound. Not many distinguish between tomatoes and heirlooms. Not sure how to price on quantity.

2)Cherry Tomatoes $1.75 a pint, raise this to $2 this year

3) $0.75 to $1 depending on the year and market

4) Bell Peppers, hard to sell on quantity especially if you have some different sizes. Usually $0.75 each, more earlier in the year.

5)Summer Squash- Seems to be the easiest and hardest things to sell and price. It depends on your varieties. The standard green or yellow Zucchini, $0.75 each or 3 for $2.

If you are growing other varieties, round, pattypan, Romanesca then they are priced at a $1.00 each. Sometimes I even put together a variety pack and sell it. Usually sells well and is a good way to get rid of green zucchini.

6) Eggplant, growing a few this year myself. Unsure of the pricing structure.

I like to use some pricing strategies. If you buy one, it is going to cost more than if you buy 3. I like the $0.75 each or 3 for $2. It is easy to figure and you move a little more product.

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