Lights vs a Window for Seed Starting

baxter_mdFebruary 26, 2008

I noticed that when most people discuss starting seeds they tend to mention starting them under lgihts. I have a large window with a SE exposure. Do folks think I can start my seeds using the natural light from the window? Or do you think I should purchase lights?

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get lights if you have the money, all you need is the cheap shoplight fixture(s) and flourescent bulbs, no need to spend the money on the "full spectrum" bulbs or anything, sometimes the shoplight fixtures even come up on freecycle etc.


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Get lights. You'll be very disappointed otherwise- just not enough light through a window to get nice stocky seedlings.

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Thanks -- turns out that after speaking to my wife (we recently got married and combined households) we have a light for just this purpose. I'm going to set it up in our furnace room, which is nice and warm and gets morning light through a window.

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something also good to use for indoor starting is a fan set on low to somewhat mimic the outside and get sturdier seedlings

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