Guidance on new tree purchase, please

idloveamochaJune 20, 2014

5 years ago, we purchased and planted an Autumn Blaze maple. It was a 30 gal. container, and the caliper was around 3".
Five years later, the 'vigorous grower' has grown a measly 5". Sure, I expected a few years of sub-par growth, but we discovered girdling roots this season. The tree has to go.

We want to replace it with another blaze. I refuse to buy another 'larger' caliper tree for fear of girdling roots.

We have two reputable nurseries in our area...and their stock is priced as such (expensive). Nursery #1 offers a 1" caliper in a 15 gallon container. Nursery #2 offers a 1.75" caliper B&B. Both are comparable in price.
I have never planted a B&B before...only container trees.

I've been reading up on the pros and cons of each, but I am still uncertain as to which way to go on this.

If you were in this situation, what would you do?

Note: I have even toyed with the idea of buying more of a whip, but I think my hubby would scoff. Plus, I am not sure where to buy reputable whips online.


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I'd always go with the smaller size :-) It is very well documented that smaller sized/younger trees establish faster than larger specimens and will typically catch up to them in size in a single growing season. As to the advantages or disadvantages of containerized trees versus B&B, both can have pluses or minuses. Nothing wrong with a containerized planting as long as you make sure no girdling roots and loosen the rootball as best you can before planting

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