What to charge for peonies

heidic75(z5 NY)May 24, 2005


I will be selling peonies this season and I am wondering what everyone charges for a bouquet of them. I know it varies by location but just need a starting point.


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We were planning on continuing at $1 per stem but I've heard others charging up to $2 per stem for large flowers.

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Where do you sell your peonies? I have gorgeous, large flowers coming next weekend. I disbud so they are a very large size, but always have trouble finding customers in this rural area, even when I take them to farmers' market. Maybe rural people have their own peonies, or find them so common that they don't want to buy them.
Florists won't buy them because I don't spray them and they are afraid of ants.

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Regionally, the demand for peonies is found in metropolitan areas for the most part. This reflects the wealth and sophistication of the urban populace; and, also as Ann stated: Rural people are likely to grow a few peony shrubs of their own. However, demand for them is higher around holidays (Memorial Day) and ceremonial occasions such as graduations and weddings. The urban consumer will buy flowers any time and all the time. As far as price, it depends on your competition. If there are 8-10 flower vendors at market, a dollar per stem is the most likely price. If you are the only vendor, two dollars seemed to be the going rate last season. We sold bunches of 5 for $10 at an upscale market. At another market, we used to have an older gentleman who sold bunches of 5 for $3 or 2/$5. He saturated the market with his peonies. He also had no competition. Who's going to compete with that? He has since gone to see his maker; and, that market has opened up for the first time in over 20 years.

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Sorry to delay in responding. I sell at a Farmers' Market in a college town community... and other than sunflowers and a few Glads we are not flower vendors. We were drawn into the peony market by an Amish couple at a vegetable convention a few years ago. They said that they couln't grow enough peonies for the market they attended. Ours are a pink and white variety. They are just getting ready to open, just in time for our first market this week. Most people expect the ants but the flowers need to look attractive.

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