New Farm and Fall Crops

hmeadqMay 25, 2006

We are just now able to move into our new farm (32 acres of feilds) in Northern Ohio. This is a big change from our current 5 acres (including the house) so we are very excited. But we have yet to turn a feild, so this year it will be fall crops only for us selling at late August and October Markets.

We hope 6 weeks will be good for preping the ground for our 1/2 to 1 acre feild this year (plowing, then multiple discing and tilling) not ideal but we want to get something in the ground this year. We are thinking our possible crops include: Beets, Broccoli , Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower , Collards, Green onions, Kale , Leeks , Leaf lettuce and assorted greens , Mustard , Peas , Radishes , Rutabagas , Spinach , Swiss chard , and Turnips.

Are we missing anything big? Any advice on quickly preping an old hay field?

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Pumpkins? Not that I grow them so I have no idea how much time they require. But I hear they are an expected crop for markets in the fall.

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Tatsoi, bok choi, peas (I start my fall crop in early August) and radishes come to mind.

Pumpkins need 100 -120 days average. They're a great fall seller but they need to be in the ground by late spring/early summer.

Good luck!

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Hmeadq are you bringing broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and leek starts with you?

I've had no real success planting either beets or swiss chard late in the season.

6 weeks from now? Well, I didn't show up on one (supplemental) garden until July 3rd one year. Planted nothing but green beans on about 6,000 square feet. We had a few days in September where we were picking beans for 10 or so hours at a time.

Green beans are our "fail-safe" late vegetable. There are a few other things that are quick and that appreciate cool weather like radishes and lettuce but we can't make nearly as much money on them.


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ohiorganic(5/6 SW Ohio)

Having spent most of the winter doing exactly what you are getting into here is what we learned. plow deeply than till deeply at least 3 times to kill the perennial weeds/grass (and do a lot of pulling of roots). make sure the tiller gets the clumps of dirt and weed roots that the plow will turn over.

In plowing we elected to plow 4 x 50' beds instead of plowing over the whole 3 acre area so we would have grassy pathways to walk on in wet weather.

You could easily do zucchinis and cucumbers ads they are both short crops and if you have hoophouses you could also do tomatoes planted no later than the end of June. you can also get some potatoes in as late as early July if they are short seasoned like Yukon gold and harvest them in October.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boulder Belt Blog

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Thanks every one.

Zucchinis and cucs are a good idea. Green Beans to.

I started the broccoli, cauliflower last weekend. Cabbage starts tommorow, and I think we'll skip the leeks.

Wish us luck!

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Best of Luck, Hmeadq!

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How about an update on how things are going.

what did you plant. what are your present plans.

Hope everything goes better than expected.

good luck.

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