Hostas Look Sick w/Brown Spots and Holes

pglaw24July 20, 2010


I just joined and love this forum. I have hostas that need help-they all have brown spots of varying sizes and holes in them.

Please tell me how to add images of pictures I just took.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

go to sign up.. its free.. upload your pix to there... copy the HTML code.. paste it in a post ... on preview.. if you see it.. we will see it ...

there is an FAQ about it ....if you can find the link on the main hosta page ...

and while you are at the FAQ... read about slugs.. and watering if there are articles there about them ....

welcome ...


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Thank you Ken-here are a couple pictures of the sick hosta

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It seems too early in the season, but it looks like nematode damage. Google: foliar nematodes on hostas.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i questions nems .... why only the white tissue?????

any hail storms a month ago ...

here is what i see.. melt out of white tissue .... due to either damage [hail] ... high heat or lack of water ....

the brown necrotic tissue is secondary.. to whatever caused the tissue to fail ....

how about some more facts as to what has been going on with these all season .... like.. did they look fine until you had a week of 90's [in ME???] ... any late hard frosts???/ how much water do they get... what kind of trees are they under.. full sun????


PS: if there are no nems.. this hosta is NOT sick ... its all superficial ...

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bernd ny zone5

I agree with Ken.
I have hostas which have a few of such leaves after the temperatures hit 96 F and they endured that several hours per day. More watering did not help. I cut those brown areas or the whole leaves out, and at only in the 80s they are recovering.

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Thanks everyone-here are some facts about these hostas-they are located on the west side of our home and get late afternoon sun only-they are located close to the house/foundation and they are the only plants other than a few lillies in this area-there are probably 10 or so large plants-we water religiously when it get real hot and they were perfect early in the season.

I also noticed that the white parts were the damaged areas and we haven't seen any slugs.

Should I cut the damaged leaves out? There are lots of them on each plant-or should I assume nemos?

Thanks again!

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Those look like undulatas and the melt-out was affectionately dubbed "undulata uglies" by someone here on the forum a couple years back when I posted similar pics of my neighbor's ailing hosta.

Not neems.

Remember, as long as it's green, it's feeding the plant. So, if you can ignore it, that'd be better.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

cut them all off ... ?????


hosta come up on stored energy in the spring ...

now is root growing time.. where the energy will be stored ...

cut off ALL the leaves.. and you have no energy making machines.. PLUS you are spending energy to reflush ....

so.. i would not cut them to the ground ...

but i would not hesitate to snip 3 to 5 of the worst off.. you might be surprised how much better they look ... or better yet... just grab down in there and tug them out.. avoiding the whole sterilization of tools thingee ...

all that said .... as undulatas ... they would probably thrive if you dug them up and threw them on the driveway until replating in next spring ... so do what ever you want ...

the best thing.. since you have more than one.. is to experiment .... leave some alone .. cut a few to the ground and see if the reflush.. and on some be selective in what you pull out

regardless of what you think ... this was caused by lack of water.. and too much sun .... move them and reduce sun.. or increase water ....


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Thanks Ken and everyone

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