Grafting sugar maples

tcharles26(usa texas)June 28, 2007

I have a large big tooth maple (a. grandidentatum) , which is sometimes listed as a subspecies of sugar maple (a. sacchrum ssp. grandidentatum). It's a great tree for this part of the country. The standard sugar maple is not. I do not think there are any cultivated forms of the big tooth subspecies however.

Since it is purportedly a sugar maple I think I should be able to graft sugar maple scions onto big tooth understock. Has anyone heard of this or tried it? Am I correct in thinking it would make sugar maple clones more suitable for this region?

I like the 'apollo' variety of sugar maple. dwarf tree with huge full sized leaves. thanks

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If the root system is the problem with standard Acer saccharum in your part of the country then and only then would grafting be advantageous.

I know Acer truncatum is the one down there. Call your local extention and ask if I haven't already answered your question, or, find out the closest lineage, or find out how Sugar Maple is normally propagated and go from there. My guess is that it is propagated as a rooted cutting which in that case, you are working with an impossibility.

I just don't know Maples well enough. Acer truncatum I do know off hand is compatible with Acer platanoides which doesn't mean junk. Acer saccharum grows fantastically here in our very humid and high temperature summers. I can't remember at the moment if your summers are humid or whether arid. Well, I've said all I can.


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Be sure if you find compatibility (Acer rubrum was tested and the grafts eventually outgrow and various problems arise) ...that the growth rate is similar as well.


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