This isn't a Farmer's Market!!!!!

andreaz6wv(6b)May 10, 2010

So, I joined my city's Farmer's Market last year. Had a great time. The times-days are not the best. Tuesday and Friday 10-2. Not great for people who work "regular" jobs.

Anyways, I'm over that part.

Several vendors did not come back this year. Saying it's not their type of market. I agree. I along with maybe 2 or 3 others were the only "local" producers. Several got their things down south. I'm over that part now too.

Here's the kicker... They were going to make a committee and vote on who should be at the market that doesn't sell food items. They were going to ask a few vendors, but didn't that I know of.

So there were vendors selling Tupperware, silver jewelry, Party-Lite, etc... It seemed like a flea market. I'm so dissapointed. I didn't go opening day b/c I had family in and went out of town. If I had been there I would have been the only one selling local produce. There was one other guy who had signs selling Florida produce. He only put the sign up b/c he was asked to. Last year he would lie to the customers.

Thanks for the vent,


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That really sucks! I am thinking about not going to a farmers market because of the restrictions , times, cost , regulations.. etc. I am thinking about just selling in my hometown and I can make my own schedule. Just a thought I had.

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My farmers market is allowing things that are not farm related and it burns me. There is one woman selling shirts that she takes out of plastic bags, looks the same as WalMart would sell, along with ceramic nail files. Both items are not home-made in any sense of the word. Unfortunately nobody will kick her out because she does grow some produce during the peak of the season. Really bad thing is that her husband was the only person to volunteer to be our "vendor rep".

I tried to sell at a smaller farmers market without all the rules, costs and such. The sales wasn't enough to keep me there. I can make 3x as much after paying for all the costs at the market with the rules and hassle. I will continue at the 'hassle' market because I intend to make money.

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