Winter dieback on weeping ryusen...advice needed

cadillactasteJune 20, 2014

We replaced our weeping ryusen. I had assumed it was dead above the graft and the new growth was some other maple. But upon close inspection...I believe the area where the dead and live met on the trunk was just that. Where I had originally thought it the graft. Brought home a healthy weeping ryusen to replace it in the notice it has similar leaves...which made me look closer to notice the graft is actually close to the soil...not where I had thought.

Now I contemplate what to do with this thing. Do I chop the dead off...and stake the branches and allow it to grow taller? Or...let it be staked to the dead trunk? Or...chop the dead off and just allow it to become ground cover.

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Here you can see the graft at the soil...

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Assuming chopping and using cut paste would be best route...even if I just let this sprawl across the lawn as ground cover.

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