JM with companions - pictures please!

alina_1June 12, 2007

Hi everyone,

If your Japanese Maples are planted in foundation planting, rock gardens or on flower beds with other plants, could you please post pictures? There are lots of pictures of JM in the Internet, but most of them are 'portraits' or close ups.



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If you search for "Japanese Garden" you may have better luck. I looked for similar photos a while ago and if I recall correctly, those search terms gave the most hits I was looking for.

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I don't have pictures, but I took a class on companion planting. Some things that were recommended were bulbs that come up in the spring and finish off right before the maple really starts to bloom. Heaths and heathers were another recommendation, because they stay lower to the ground.
I think lily of the valley looks nice amoung maples.

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Here's four to get started.

Dave Acer p. 'Shaina'

Acer s. 'Autumn Moon' (not a palm but a close relative)

Acer p. 'Sharp's Pygmy''

Acer p. 'Elegans'

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Thank you for your advices and info. Dave, special thanks for the pictures! Very nice! A couple of questions:
How tall (and old) is your 'Shaina'? I just received my first JM order with two plants. 'Shaina' is one of them. I ordered it for the front bed because it is listed as dwarf. Yours looks a little tall. Maybe, the picture is deceiving?
Is your dwarf spruce (Globosa?) in dappled shade? I was going to plant one with my new Maples for the nice red/blue contrast, but I worry that it will not do well without full sun. Your spruces look so healthy. Could you describe the conditions please?

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Hello Alina,

The 'Shaina' is a replacement for a 'Sango Kaku' that expired from the April freeze. This tree is 5'-6" tall and I would consider almost full grown. When full grown they continue to set leaves every Spring, but they have almost no new shoots. I have no idea of its exact age.

The spruce by the brick wing wall is called Picea pungens 'R. H. Montgomery'. Sees about 5 hrs of full sun the rest of the day filtered sun.
The other spruce is a prostrate form called Picea pungens 'Procumbens'. It only receives about 3 hours of sun the rest filtered sun. Because of the restricted sun the growth rate is cut in half. I have another in full sun that is twice as big. Never the less it does quite well and stays with in boundaries which are quite restricted.


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Thanks Dave,
My front bed receives even less direct sun than your 'Procumbens'. I would not care about slow growth rate, but I do not want them to get sick from the lack of light. I guess, I should ask people from the Conifer forum about dappled shade locations for the dwarf spruces.
Geer Garden has all three varieties I consider to plant with my JM: 'Globosa', 'Montgomery' and 'Procumbens'.
Thanks again,

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