Gasp! It's March already - time to plan MAGTAG 2010

cecilia_md7a(7a/Baltimore,MD)March 1, 2010

With all the snow we've had here in the Mid-Atlantic, I can't believe that it's already March. I haven't even had time to start any seeds yet, since my DH plugged our new treadmill into the outlet where I usually plug the timer for my lights in the basement. He bought another extension cord this weekend, so it won't be long now. As a backup, I bought some plants from SSE and Burpee (need my Sungold fix!)

When I do start my seeds, I'm going to concentrate on the Mid-Atlantic varieties again - as you may recall, Scarab and Delmar never properly germinated. I also joined SSE (just to support them; I don't have the physical space to isolate plants and save seed). I notice that two growers are offering Maryland Large Red (from the SSE collection), and there is also a Maryland Pink (orignially from Chuck Wyatt), and a currant tomato that I'd never heard of called Tess's Land Race, which the offeror got from Baker Creek seeds and says "originated from Maryland's Southern Shore" - where would that be? I know we have an Eastern and Western shore.

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gflynn(z7 MD)

Sounds good,

I just bought some inserts for my seed starting trays. I am pyched to start many, many tomato plants.

What fun it is!


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I finally started some seeds on Saturday - I planted lots of Scarabs and DelMars, since they never germinated last year. I hope some sprout by next weekend so I can start more varieties (I only have one heat mat).

BTW, did anybody see the March issue of Martha Stewart Living? There's an article by Barbara Damrosch about a tomato tasting that she, Martha, Tim Stark (Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer), and two NY chefs attended, which was hosted by Amy Goldman (The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table). They used printed cards to rate the varieties, but then there were only a few folks invited, so that procedure worked fine. Just like at MAGTAG, "Black Cherry" was a hit. I went online to see if I could email a letter to the editor mentioning MAGTAG, but Marthastewartdotcom doesn't seem to have any way to do this. Maybe Martha just doesn't want to listen to anybody's comments.

I did think it was sweet that Damrosch humbly referred to herself as "a farmer from Maine." Ya gotta love that gal.

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gflynn(z7 MD)

I started most of my seeds this year between march 10th and 12th. I am starting to see some Sophie's Choice arrise as of this morning.

As always, I am sure this will be the best year yet!

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manure_queen(md 7)

Cecelia WHEN???
Have a lot of stuff started. over 50 different varieties. I have both azoycha and azoychka They are not the same although fruits are very similar.. One has a more yellow leaf. At the seedling stage they are easily differentiated. I think 1 may decide to be potato leaf but cannot tell yet. MAry

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