Acer p. Aratama

dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)June 2, 2007

This was once a beautiful 'Aratama.' Two-thirds of it is missing because of the April freeze. I think limb die back is about complete as I have not noticed any more leaf wilting in the last week.

Is there anything I need to do, such as fertilizing, to help jump start the growth process again.

I realize I could still lose this tree but I would like to give it every opportunity to come back.


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myersphcf(z6a IL)

The bark that I see looks good I can't see just below the main leaf canopy whether it is a shadow or blackening ...any blackening will spell curtins for all above that point The Aratama is a hard to grow tree often easily damaged and eventually killed by enviormental facters and seems to be prone to disease and root rot..It may make it but my experience with this plant has not been good and others have voiced similar comments...Add to that it is a witches broom which seems to effect hardiness. I think it is best kept in a container in any non pristene JM growing areas and even then it can be a problem.It looks basically good, that being said, i would not put any money down on it ultimatly surviving based on my experience with this beautiful but troublesome dwarf. David

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You've come to the wrong place for advice.

RE: enviormental facters [sic] and seems to be prone to disease and root rot

Since this is a grafted plant, I don't understand how it could have a propensity for root rot. IT'S NOT ON ITS ROOTS.

I've noticed the same obvious mistake in the mountain maples catalog (describing certain graftd clones as being susceptible to root rot). More a case of being subject to less than optimal culture. This maple forum is not overflowing with productive advice...ESPECIALLY FROM MR ALL CAPS.....

Your tree survived. It will likely look intersting for a few years.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Well maybe the nasty mr ginko ( NO IT ALL ) is right we shall see... and if a tree has lack of top vitality i think it can effect the rootstock ...Eveyone here is welcome to their opinion if you don't like mine thats make that last statement is not only reckess but wrong..there is no way to know if it will defintly make it... some of mine looked fine till just a couple of weeks ago one a couple of days ago but had canbium damage that just got worse and worse. I never said it wouldn't make it... but I'd never.... I MEAN NEVER (THATS CAPITALS BUB!!!!).... say absolutly it would like that ignorant out on the limb statement.I hope it does but I have several I was sure were fine that weren't.
I Don't know if mr Ginkgo has lived through this latest disaster since he doesn't state where he is from but I have and I have also had three Aratamas succum to varias "enviormental factors" ..
I am not speaking from ignorance but experience with both that particular cultivar and the freeze and anyone who did actually go through it ( the freeze) would have to agree with me overall on it's effects as I said I still have some trees dying two months past and I know the symptoms ...

Chill out and stop attacking or stick with ginkos. If you have a problem with me personally take it off line this is no place to make folks feel nervous about posting cause they are afraid of being attacked which your post does!! Differnces in opinion are and should be welcome. David

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Hey guys all I wanted was a little advice to doctor this tree. Since my specialty is conifers I thought I would post the question here and get some creditable advice. Maybe I did and didn't recognize it because of all the none related subject discussion. Come to think of it I didn't get an answer to my question.

This tree has been doing great for 5 years with no problems. If it kicks the bucket so be it. When it come to mother nature we have no control and that is what took it out not any of the above mentioned problems. I plan to purchase another one because it has been a trouble free tree.

As far as you two you need to resolve your issues either behind the wood shed or maybe just quit posting on the G.W.


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myersphcf(z6a IL)

The answer is nothing have trimmed off the dead mow just wait and watch ..It has been very humid here and I know the fungal diseases are lying in wait looking for stressed stuff.I anm already seeing signs of it . I wouldn't fertilize it although on an older tree it is probably ok ...the two things we all tend to do with injured JM's is water and fertilize and those two things are IMHO the biggest cause of "finishing them off." ...but yours is older .BTW you didn't say that in your originasl post and Jpegs DO is really hard to tell and it also does also make a differnce on how long it has been in the ground ...All of mine in the ground 2 or more years seem ok even the damaged ones with that NEW info you are likely out of the woods...just keep an eye on the trunk for any black or grey spots .David ( Capitsl D ;>) )

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gomero(SW France, Z8)

Hi Dave,
Brooms are weak plants and prone to wilt for no reason.
For your tree this is my opinion; if it puts out a second flush of new, healthy summer growth, then the prognosis is positive. Otherwise it is negative.


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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Don't fertilize it. You don't want to stress it by pushing it to make more leaves. At least, this is true for other plants, I assume the same holds for JM's. I may be relatively new to JM's...but I know a fair bit about shrubs and such.

Good luck.


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