Moles or Voles - how do we tell and then what?

selbybayMarch 6, 2006

Our yard is over run with some type of burrowing critters - the land is about a block from the bay and the soil is very sandy. We have not seen any of the animals, but our dogs (Westie terriers) are constantly digging at the tunnel entries - which there are many of. We are only there on weekends but would like to find a way to send these guys packing as the yard is becoming a maze of shallow tunnels. I read a few articles online and one suggestion is to put a metal barrier around your property to prevent tunnels - my thought was to run the fence perimeter (the recommendation is about 1 ft. in the ground and 6" above. Then begin trapping the Moles or Voles. The article was from a person living in the southwest US and I'm not sure if the same thing will work in the mid eastern bay area. Also his article is about moles and gophers - I don't know what we have, and I don't think there are gophers in our area - how do we tell if they are moles or voles?

Will appreciate any assistance.

Mike in Edgewater

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jlgreg(z6b MD)

I've had mole problems in my yard. I've used castor oil products and sonic mole repellent stakes. The castor oil only seemed to work a few weeks. The stakes seem to work the best, only you need a lot of them (I have 5 to cover .15 acres) and you have to replace the batteries frequently. Once the batteries get weak, the moles come right back.


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