Stake baby JM's?

donn_(7b-8a)June 16, 2007

When I repot my new JM's, should I stake them?

They came to me with finger-thick single bamboo stakes, in 3-quart pots. They are 6 high-graft dissectums and 3 low-graft 'Bloodgoods.'

I was thinking of pencil-thick bamboo tripods, for a while at least. I'm in a fairly windy location, and they can't be completely protected from it.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I think the tri pods are not necessary but if it makes you feel better go fot it ...a finger thick stake seems good to me unless you are should I say extreemly small fingered..just make sure the area above and below the graft is attached to the stake especially the top and use a mateial like a flexible tape like it likely now is being used to attach it..plastic bread tistees are ok but be sure to check and change them every few months to make sure they are not cutting in..a flexible material is better but I have used them with no problem .david

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staceybeth(7 MA)

Hi there, I use "garden training wire" for my Katsura. Its made for staking and is coated with a soft plastic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Staked using garden training wire

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