Maple trees only blooming leaves at bottom of tree

mrswhittJune 11, 2013

We bought 4 maple trees in May of last year. These trees are 10 feet tall and were transplanted right away to our yard. This year they are ONLY leafing on the bottom trunk of the tree. The tops of the trees are bare. All of the other trees around us are leafing without a problem but we are only getting leaves on the bottom of the trees and they are coming in burgundy.

We are not sure what is wrong or what to do. Any answers will be appreciated.

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It doesn't sound good.You should be able to tell by now if the twigs and buds are green or if they are brittle and dead. Scratch some branches and see if there is green beneath the bark. Look closely at the buds and see if they are green. How did the trees look last summer and fall? Were they bare root, container, or balled and burlaped? Is there any damage on the trunks - maybe the rabbits got them.

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Balled and burlaped. The trees were full of leaves last summer and they turned beautiful colors in the fall. The buds are not green. We will definitely scratch the branches today. I will also upload a photo of what they look like. No damage to the trunks whatsoever. We had a very late snow storm (May 2) and before that the buds were starting to come out.

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