lots2learnMarch 16, 2007


I would like to introduce myself. I just moved to Northern Maryland from Alabama. I still haven't recovered from the shock but as a former military wife I am used to moving and will get over it soon. LOL.

This will be my first gardening season here and I can't wait to get into the swing of things. I have had to move every one to two years (for 15 years) often after I just completed a major landscape project. I moved lots of plants over the years but moved here with 10 days notice and couldn't take any plants with me. Boo-hoo! So I am starting over.

My new home has a lace-leaf japansese maple plopped down in a circle in my yard (ugh). On the other side I have a huge unknown bush plopped down in a circle (double ugh). The only other things here when I moved were a little Rudibeckia and Dianthus.

I see y'all will be having a swap in May. Are newbies welcome? If so, I guess I need to figure out what and when to grow so I could swap too. I can't wait to meet y'all and to get to know the area.

Happy gardening,


PS Anyone else in Cecil County?

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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic! We've got our own special gardening challenges, but all in all, it is not a bad place to be.

As for the swap, newbies are absolutely welcome. Newbies that are not too discriminating about what they take home, even more so :-)

Keep in mind that this is not going to be an even-steven kind of swap. Some people have lots to give away, others a little less, and some are just starting out, so they contribute in other ways. It's all good. If you have no plants or plant related material to bring to the swap (and that's cool), you can always supply some food.

My 'Haves' are here:

Contact me by email if you see anything you'd like to have. Don't worry about not having anything to offer in return. At this point, I've got more plants than I know what to do with.

Happy gardening!

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avoirgold(z7 MD)

Greetings and Salutations!! Welcome to the land of red clay! :-)

Definitely come to the swap, and if you have one, bring an SUV or truck. (Suja's not kidding about the nondiscriminating thing.) Last year, my DH (dear husband) almost had to walk home because our SUV was COMPLETELY full!!! Then in the fall, I had grasses bungeed to the top of the 4Runner. The people on this forum are FABULOUS!! Friendly and generous.

Let us know what conditions you have (sunny, shade, wet, dry, etc.) and we can make plant suggestions. If you are interested in Native plants, there are several sales throughout the year. (See Link Below for a few.)

Happy Gardening!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Native Plants Sales

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Hi K,
I live in Baltimore County, a bit south of you .Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic.
We have great plant swaps. They're alot of fun.
Great chats, great friends and great food.
as stated above....we all have more plants than we can manage in our yards, but like true gardeners, we always want/need/ more even if we don't have room. You will find that there are alot of generous people, ready to lend plants and advice and lots of encouragement.
You've arrived at a good time in Maryland...Springtime.
Looking forward to meeting you at the swap.

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Wow! Thanks so much for your responses and it's a pleasure to meet you all! I hope to have you all as friends in the future. Thanks for the warm welcome and I look forward to chatting with ya'll in the future.

I am looking forward to the possiblity of the swap...I need to look up the details!

I have found myself obsessing over seed and garden catlogues in the last month and was sorely disappointed to wake up to sleet!!! Thank goodness it won't last long!

Thanks again...I gotta go obsess over what seeds to get started. :-)


(By the way...any protocol I should follow as far as on-topic/offtopic etc...?)

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I know some of what you are going through. I moved onto this place 43 yrs ago and did I ever have a lot to learn. And no garden forums then to lend a hand. We are here to help. Steve in Baltimore County.

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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

Hi, I am in Cecil County. You have mail.


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Hi Jan-

I haven't gotten anything. I wonder why? I assume you're talking about email.


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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

Yes, e-mail. If you have spam filters it may have been dumped. Send me an e-mail my address works for me from here.


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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Kay and Jan, mail sent from GW seems to have about a 50% chance of going through lately. I don't know why but it sure is frustrating.
Kay,welcome to Maryland and Mid Atlantic. The swaps are super and the folks are fine. Looking forward to meeting you.
Beth B

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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

Thanks for the info!

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FYI. I had to email GW three times to get my confirmation email when I joined. I guess I got it on the third time so it seems they have a flawed system.

Jan...sorry I never got anything from you. :-(


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