Acer Shirazz in Southern California

shannonjwJune 15, 2008

Hello everyone, I'm a new member to both this forum and the gardening world!

I am hoping someone here could give me some advice on the Acer Shirazz even though it is pretty new to the US.

I picked up a 4-4.5 foot Acer Shirazz in an 8.5 gallon pot from my local nursery at 70% off yesterday even though I am in Zone 10 (San Diego) and they are suggested 5-8. It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up! I've been trying to find some info on it, but there isn't much out there.

I am planning on planting it in the front yard in full sunlight. It says it does well in full light. There really isn't any space for it that has partial shade at my house, so I am hoping full light will be okay. The soil has been neglected and I was wondering what help I could give the soil to start the tree off right. I have removed a Yarrow and Lavender plant from the location and will be removing a small tea tree and planting it elsewhere.

I am wondering what tips you would give someone with their first maple, especially in my climate. Is it possible for the tree to survive or should I not get too optimistic. Also any tips to get the soil to the trees liking. Any other suggestions or advice are most welcome!



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Japanese maples do very well in SoCal....depending on where you are located. Coastal areas with year round moderate temps are definitely preferred over more inland locations that spike in the summer. Unless you are within blocks of the ocean, I'd be leary of planting in full sun. Any kind of midday shade or semi-shade would be preferrable. Otherwise be prepared for some leaf scorch at least this first season and most likely to follow. And you will need to be diligent about providing adequate water as well.

As well as having proper siting for this tree, you need to have proper soil conditions - slightly acidic, organically rich and very well draining soils are recommended. If your soil does not match these conditions, then consider planting the tree in a container or amending a large area (not the individual planting hole) to accommodate.

Since you are pushing the envelop a bit by attempting to grow this tree outside its preferred climate conditions, I'd go out of my way to address both the soil and shade situation to give the tree the best possible chance.

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Thank you so much for all the info, it's really been such a huge help!

I am pretty inland, about 10 miles from the ocean. I really wish I had a place to plant the tree that had some type of shade. But there is nothing to block the yard from the sun, it's a corner house with no yard on the west side. In the late afternoon it gets a little shade from a skinny Jacaranda thats on the mend from neglect.

The area the tree will be planted in is contained by bricks and a cement layer that goes down maybe a foot. The brick circle is quite large, probably a diameter of 5 feet. Any advice on how to amend the circle area? I was thinking dig about 2-3 feet down, and take out half the dirt and replace with some compost for drainage and lots of potting soil and mix well. The advice I got from the nursery I bought the tree from was that we have salty soil in San Diego and to water the plant once every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Should I water more often since it will be in the sun full time? Is there a way to make the soil more acidic? I have to take a picture and post on here because the tree is really beautiful and neat looking.

And again thanks so much for responding! I am very new to all this and it's hard to find all this information.

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I'm also in San Diego and just got myself a Shirazz through mail order. How did your tree held up after a year? Was it out in full or partial sun? Trying to figure out where I should placed my tree.

You've said that you found your tree through a local nursery. I've been unsuccesful in trying to find a local source for JM. Had to purchase everything on-line, it gets expensive with shipping. Could you tell me where you got it from?


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