City Lights

Linda's Garden z6 UtahJuly 13, 2014

I bought this hosta two years ago. It was in a small 4" pot and spent the 1st winter in the pot as I never got around to planting it. I planted it last August and it sure has grown a lot. I can't wait for this one to get bigger! It sure does light up the garden! It gets quite a bit of sun and doesn't seem to mind at all.

I would love to see pictures of what lights up your garden!

Thanks for looking!
Linda ;-)

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Here is another picture of it and it's neighbors.

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Great color there tropic lover. I have the City Lights also but is only in it's first full year. Looks like the texture and color will change as it matures.

Prairie Moon (also first full year) has similar color but I think will retain that soft lemony color as it matures.

City Lights

Prairie Moon

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You gotta love those golds which light up the corner where they are. :)

I must add City Lights to my gold wish list, yes indeed. That smooth margin is so even and steady. It is not "in your face" like the ruffles and variegated plants can be.

In that respect, I have several golds that light my fire.
King Tut is one of them.

Fat Cat arrived this spring with King Tut. Another smoothie

Sweet Sunshine

Aspen Gold is so dependable but not a shiny leaf yet lights up its seat in the bleachers

Delta Desire with a slight green look in the middle

Princess Anastasia has green margins to outline the gold leaf. I now have three of these.

Johnny Angel and Sea Gulf Stream hold down an important part of my garden, and I've placed them where they can be admired. Wow, they started out looking beautiful and here it is mid July and they are still going strong.

I love the gold hosta.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Old-Dirt, Thanks for sharing your City Lights. I believe this one will get more rugose as it matures and should be pretty large too. I also like your Prairie Moon.

Mocc- Thanks for sharing all your beautiful golds. I am very interested in which ones you are growing in the sun. I already have added Squash Casserole to my list based on your good luck with it in the sun. I don't live as far south as you but it is very hot here in the summer, supposed to be 100 tomorrow and has been in the upper 90's for weeks now. I live at a much higher altitude and the sun is strong here. I am impressed at how City Lights is doing with quite a bit of sun. I have a Paul's Glory just a few feet away and it is not quite as happy.

I love that Fat Cat and Johnny Angel. I am always looking to add more gold to the garden. Thanks for sharing!

Linda :-)

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Late season golden gate. It's lutescent and takes Sun big time.

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HH, you are killing me with these beautiful golds that take sun! My weakness is gold with a touch of a green margin.....other than fragrant any colors. :)

Of course, Golden Gate is an Olga!

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Birchwood Parky's Gold

Saint Elmo's Fire

stained-glass'>Stained Glass

All shinning bright!

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Oh! MBug, I never realized how fine Birchwood Parky's Gold could look. And Stained Glass with the rugose dark green of something like LS Lollipop or Clear Fork River Valley....the contrast is wonderful.

Then, also in that last picture above, down in left corner the three leaves look like Fragrant Fire, which blend beautifully with the dark rugose green hosta.

Beautiful layout there.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

The two that light up the most for me would be

Dandy Lion

and The Shining

She got a little hail damage this year, but she's still lighting up the area.

I think Dancing Queen will, too, when she get's a bit more growth on her. She's already drawing my eye

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Moc....I have two Birchwood Parky's Gold. They get a good bit of sun and get brighter and brighter. Like them a lot.
To the Left of Stained Glass is Dee Blue Sea....they are crowding each other out but I love the way they look together and don't want change it and am leary about dividing either. Peaking in is a big Dianna Remembered.
Thanks for the comments.

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Well, Deep Blue Sea is impressive, and works very well with golds and other greens too. I had no idea that Diana Remembered could be that color green. I'll have to look at mine again.

I think BKay said she liked BW Parky's Gold, and now I see why. Your photo shows a splendid plant.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Mbug- Your BW Parky's Gold is really bright and pretty. How much sun is it getting? I just bought a Deep Blue Sea and planted it behind my City Lights. I love your Stained Glass too. I need to get one of those for sure!

Funn- Love Dandy Lion... LOL, I would buy that one just for name. I also have Dancing Queen and I love it. She lights up the garden in the spring, not so much now.

Hostahillbilly- That is a very nice Golden Gate. I have not seen that one before. Thanks for sharing!

Linda ;-)

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Jimmy Crack Corn lights up this very shady spot. A touch of morning sun, that's it.

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City Lights

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