Oshu Shidare Greening

tcharles26(usa texas)June 12, 2007

I have an a. palmatum 'oshu shidare' in the ground in my front yard. It was planted early this winter while dormant. It's in partial sun. several hours of direct sun in the AM, some filtered sunlight mid afternoon, then shade in the late afternoon.

The leaves came in a nice red color but slowly have been greening out. And now are almost all light green.

I dont think it can be lack of sun. When I planted it I was concerned that might be too much for my hot humid climate. And I have bloodgood and fireglow in containers getting less sun and both are very red.

The big difference might be that my other maples are in containers. Im thinking a nutrional deficiency. But, while soil tends to be alkaline here, I'm skeptical thats the problem becuase this site was prepared with lots of organic matter including peat. The tree got a little fertilzer in early spring (tree tone by espoma, probably less than 1/2 reccomendation on label) Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Mine greened out...both one in pot and one in ground ...you will notice that it will , if like mine, have constant re- flushes of nice red leaves in bunches ..it makes a nice contrast with the older grenish leaves ..It should actually bronze out rather than green but who knows in your area ..it's perfectly natural IMHO no need top look at it's feeding habits as far as I'm concerned. David

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Oshu shidare is not a cultivar that I would consider to hold it's color very well at all. In fact, I have one that rarely ever shows any color at all until fall when it flares up brilliantly.

Also, I'm nearly convinced that there are multiple forms of 'oshu shidare'. I have seen a couple of different leaf shapes of the tree, most notably the one in Vertrees' Japanese Maples. So there may be some forms that hold there color better.

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It might be nutritional, I would try and give it more acid. Maybe get miracle grow for acid plants such as blueberries and rhodies? You might put some coffee grounds around it if you drink coffee.

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tcharles26(usa texas)

I will probably do something conservative. Acidified cotton bur compost is a common product here. I was thinking I would topdress with that and some low analysis organic ferts like alfalfa and kelp meal. Couldn't hurt.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

In rereading your post I do see you say LIGHT GREEN ... that does not sound right ..That leaves three answers ..#1 Matts statement that there are a couple of "versions" of this plant and it may be natural. #2 Tcharles idea of top dressing I ageee it can't hurt #3 you have a mis- marked tree and it is Not a OS...which is possible and happens alot. You may be in a differnt area but I still say it should bronze not "lt. green" out as it progresses ...The tree is very vigorous and if it is not shooting out new growth it just may not be a OS ..anyway ..I should read these posts more closely sorry...everything I stated was correct except the "normal" part ;>) David

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